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Demolition service Encino, CA


Our company not only covers 24 hour demolition for general demolition on residential, industrial and commercial areas but also multi-story buildings located at the city centre, gas plants, chemical plants, power stations and other modern problem areas. The expertise our company has gained has absolutely no parallel and has achieved tremendous success and growth in a very short period of time. Our company follows demolition by several methods in which demolition by explosives stands first. The service offered by our company is extremely professional and the service we offer is very effective. This has been achieved by the special training programs offered to the staff by our company. Expertise of the staff is then tested and if and only if they succeed in it they are allowed to keep their jobs. This training is a must for all our staff and there is no way any one of them can skip or take it lightly as their job entirely depends on their performance in the tests.


  1. Clean up & Hauling

  2. Construction debris clean-up

  3. Garbage Dump Service

  4. Trash & Waste Removal

  5. Construction Debris Recycling

  6. Demolition Debris Recycling

  7. Storage unit & tenant clear out

  8. Asphalt Removal

  9. Exterior Demolition

  10. Interior Demolition

  11. Demolition services



Other special services like site excavation, bulk clearance, removal of asbestos and toxic waste as well is offered by our company. We also expertise in trash and waste removal, Demolition, debris removal, light hauling and garbage dump service as well. According to the site our company decides as to which demolition method is to be employed and employs that method accordingly. Over the years our company has gained huge amount of knowledge and expertise. The demolition services offered by us is exceptionally good and the feedback given by the clients are usually excellent and quite satisfying. We also specialize in interior demolishing. Many clients feel that our company is definitely a one stop destination for demolition services. Another reason for the huge success we have achieved is the machinery we use. It is exceptionally good and sophisticated and is our huge strength. It has helped us provide excellent service which has no parallel and acquire more and more clients. It makes work extremely easy and there is absolutely no difficulty. Even when the conditions are unfavorable to demolish the machinery we use have made things extremely easy. In fact when it comes to performance and customer satisfaction we have absolutely no parallel.


The reason as to why we are a very unique and much sought after demolishing company is that the customer service we offer and our excellence and expertise in the field. Clients consider us as a second name for reliability and quality service. After demolition; disposal of the debris is also taken care of. The trust they have on us is our only asset and with that there is no stopping us from going places. We make sure we finish our work within or at least on the day of deadline and never disappoint our customers as their satisfaction has been our primary concern without which there is absolutely no point in us acquiring more clients. Our efficiency in building demolition is excellent and our expertise in it is well known.


  1. Asphalt Demolition

  2. Block or Retaining Wall Excavation

  3. Concrete Demolition

  4. Hillside Excavating

  5. Home Demolition

  6. Land Grading / Leveling

  7. Mobile Home / Trailer Demolition

  8. Kitchen Demolition

  9. Shed Demolition

  10. Shopping Center Demo

  11. Soft / Hard Demolition

  12. Swimming Pool Demolition

  13. Deck or Patio Demolition

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Why are we a Step Above the Rest:

WE ARE LICENSED AND INSURED: You can feel confident that we are an accredited demolition contractor. We take pride in the fact that we are licensed and insured, and we spare no expense when it comes to protecting our customers and employees. That is definitely something to consider when choosing a demolition service.

BOBCAT AND EXCAVATOR ARE INCLUDED: Since Local  Demolition In Encino is fully equipped, this allows our construction demolition services to run more efficiently. Because we own these demolition machines, we include them in your service free of charge. Each of our construction demolition team members are trained to operate the equipment to expedite the construction demolition process.

WE RECYCLE: Yes, Local  Demolition In Encino services are very committed to helping the environment! We recycle over 90% of construction debris from home to swimming pool demolition projects. Whether it is concrete or asphalt breakup and demo we will make sure that all of the recyclable materials are taken to the appropriate facilities. Protecting our community’s environment is one of our main priorities, so we do everything we can to help.

Since our Demolition and Demolition service in Encino, CA is family owned and operated, we can offer great competitive rates.  We are not subject to corporate policy and therefore we can beat most of our competitor prices. 

We specialize in demolition and Demolition in the greater Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley since we are located in Encino, CA.  If you have a large item that is too heavy or hard to move, or a collapsed shed, porch, or old fencing and carpet, we are the Demolition company for you.  We are local to Encino, CA, the San Fernando Valley. Our Demolition and Demolition team is professional and efficient. 

We can get your Demolition job in the city of Encino, CA done at the best price possible and on time.

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